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About the Chamber

The Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce is a local, community-based Chamber focused on serving residents and businesses in the Bethlehem hamlets of Delmar, Elsmere, Glenmont, Slingerlands, North and South Bethlehem, Selkirk and surrounding area.

Established in 1957, the Bethlehem Chamber is the voice of business, helping its members grow. We promote collaboration between business, government, and community groups.  We strive to keep businesses informed about regulations and news pertinent to doing business in New York.

In addition, the Chamber works on a local and regional level to advance economic development for our town and the region. Through partnerships with local, county and state officials and community organizations, the Chamber works to foster a positive business environment in Bethlehem and the surrounding region.

Mission Statement

The Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce supports its members and the community creating a positive business environment through education, government relations, promotion and advocacy services.

Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2021 the board and staff of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce participated in a strategic planning retreat. Prior to the retreat the staff surveyed the membership about their needs and concerns facing their businesses. During the retreat the board learned that the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce is made up of 400 member businesses representing 27 different zip codes in the Capital Region. As the Chamber celebrates its 65th anniversary the board has adopted this strategic plan that will guide the Chamber over the next three years.


Goal 1: Maintain and expand a robust membership by providing relevant and valuable programs and services

Strategy A: Expand the Chamber’s member recruitment and retention efforts

Strategy B: Understand the number of businesses in our footprint


Goal 2: Provide excellent communication to members utilizing a variety of communication channels

Strategy A: Continue to provide relevant information to members while expanding our reach

Strategy B: Facilitate opportunities for member to member communication

Strategy C: Expand our communication with the greater Bethlehem community.

Strategy D: Improve the language we use in our communications


Goal 3 Revitalize the Chamber’s Government Affairs initiatives to provide our members with a voice in legislative affairs

Strategy A: Empower the Government Affairs Committee to determine and communicate legislative priorities

Strategy B: Provide members with opportunities to communicate with elected officials

Strategy C: Communicate to the community what the Chamber’s role is in legislative affairs

Strategy D Continue to be proactive in communicating with government officials


Goal 4 Provide a robust slate of varied, relevant, programs and services

Strategy A: Develop programs that drive consumers to local businesses

Strategy B Offer programs that assist businesses in operating in New York State

Strategy C Offer programs that educate the community on topics of importance to businesses

Strategy D Offer programs that provide members with information they need to make the most of their membership

Strategy E Continue to strive to provide relevant programming to members


Goal 5 Provide Workforce Development opportunities to create a robust pipeline of available employees to local businesses including manufacturers, trades, hospitality, and retail.

 Strategy A Continue to enhance our relationship with local school districts so that students are educated on the variety of careers that exist

Strategy B Work with local businesses and school districts on soft skills development to lead to successful employment


Goal 6 Continue to have an effective and engaged board that represents our membership while providing exemplary governance

Strategy A Create an annual review of board member responsibilities

Strategy B Create financial reports that provide the information board members need

Strategy C Develop opportunities to utilize the experience and talent of the board

Strategy D Assist the president in creating diversified revenue streams

Strategy E Develop a pipeline of potential new board members