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DnP Solutions

Danielle Bradt and Pamela Hassett, Principal Members

Danielle Bradt and Pamela Hassett are DnP Solutions’ leadership team bringing a powerful dynamic to every project with nearly 20 years of partnership and experience.  Whether it is outsourcing business management services, bookkeeping services, professional coaching, business consulting including strategic planning, or back-office operations support, we pride ourselves in our proactive and creative approach to advancing your business.

Pam has over 20 years experience launching, growing, and selling businesses.  She began her journey as a financial advisor before co-founding and leading the substantial growing of a medical facility with her husband, Dr. Stephen Hassett.  Having worked in both small and private to large and corporate environments, Pam has been led to her ultimate purpose of coaching individuals and businesses to reach new heights.

Danielle’s expertise in new business development, operations management, strategic planning, and marketing has proven successful in business growth.  With her breadth of knowledge in human resource management, Danielle’s approach to projects is creative, attentive, and collaborative with her project partners.

DnP Solutions partners with individuals and businesses to develop an intentional roadmap for growth, progress, and success. Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.  We have a passion for helping others achieve what it is they want from life!  Chat with us anytime! or 518-616-9020.

Social Media:  Instagram @dnp_solutions and Facebook or LinkedIn @DnP Solutions



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