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The NYS Department of Health and the Bethlehem Town Emergency Preparedness Office had issued a health advisory for June 17-21, 2024. As the temperatures are expected to be in the 90s with heat index over 100, health officials advise people to take extreme care when outside.

Anyone exposed to the heat is at risk for heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Side effects include dizziness, thirst, heavy sweating, confusion, nausea, weakness, and fainting. Heat stroke may also lead to death if left untreated. People without effective cooling are highly at risk, especially heat-sensitive groups like individuals who are children, elderly, pregnant, or have a chronic illness. People should strongly consider canceling outdoor activities, remain hydrated, stay in a cool place (including overnight), and check on your neighbors. If people have access to air conditioning, they should use it or they should find a location that does. You can locate a cooling center by going to the NYS Dept. of Health website at

More information can be found with these special PDFs.


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