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By Laurie Lambertsen, Town Assessor

Did you miss the March 1st deadline to sign up for the Enhanced STAR exemption?

Are you turning 65 before the end of the year? Is your 2022 Federal adjusted gross income less IRA distributions under $98,700? Are you currently receiving the Basic STAR exemption? Do you want to save more money with the Enhanced STAR?

If the answer is yes to all of the above, then switch to the STAR Credit (check) with NYS Tax & Finance You can sign up from the privacy of your own home on the website or over the phone (518) 457-2036. There is no need to bring paperwork to the Assessor’s office. You will receive a check from NYS instead of an exemption, which will save you more money.

Those who are currently receiving the Enhanced STAR exemption can also save more money by switching to the STAR Credit (check). In 2023 residents in the Bethlehem CSD received $139 more with the Enhanced credit (check) than the exemption. RCS CSD residents received an additional $74 and Guilderland CSD received an additional $104. With the STAR Credit (check) you can save up to an additional 2% per year. There will be no additional savings with the exemption. Go to the state website above for details.


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