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Do You Know How Flood Insurance is Calculated?

With area flooding on so many peoples' minds at the moment -- Do you need flood insurance? Do you know how it is calculated?

FEMA is releasing more data on the agency's new flood insurance rate pricing methods.

The National Flood Insurance Program is using a new rating methodology-Risk Rating 2.0-to calculate flood insurance rates based on a unique combination of rating variables for each property to reflect its flood risk.

FEMA created exhibits to show the risk-based cost of flood insurance or the full actuarial rate for single-family homes under Risk Rating 2.0, using data from single-family policies renewed before Sept. 30, 2022.

These exhibits will be updated and revised once data is available for all policyholders who have renewed their policies under Risk Rating 2.0. For more information about the switch from the legacy rating methodology to Risk Rating 2.0 visit

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