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MBA for Executives

By Don Purdy, Program Director

In addition to being a long-time chamber member, I am the Director of the MBA for Executives Program in the University at Albany's School of Business.  I've worked with several hundred executive-level MBA students in the past 15 years and the reasons that folks decide to study with us from throughout the Northeast are pretty consistent.

They are vying either for an internal promotion or an external job opportunity and are competing against those with advanced degrees, and they want to level the playing field.  They're aware they have gaps in their skills and knowledge and realize that an MBA can fill those gaps.  They hold highly technical positions, i.e., engineer, scientist, doctor, nurse, project manager, and they are being given more managerial or leadership responsibility.  Others want to add tools to their toolbox and become a more well-rounded businessperson.  And for still others, well, they've put it off long enough and it's time.

We help people Power Up their careers via an MBA program unlike any other in Upstate New York. Cohort structure, team-based, all-inclusive nature, rich diversity, more experienced students leading to powerful networking, 21-22-month duration, international trip, textbooks, meals, and parking.

On top of all that, ours is the value leader among executive-level MBA program in New York State, by a large margin, and we have earned dual accreditation from the AACSB.

The MBA for Executives is truly transformational.  As they are exposed to new perspectives and ideas, students attract new opportunities and can make more meaningful contributions to their company and community and better provide for their families. Some have even started their own businesses.  They truly are much more enlightened when they graduate the program then when they entered it.

To learn more, please contact me at or at 518.956.8381 or connect with me here on LinkedIn -

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