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SizeUp Bethlehem! to help all size businesess

Businesses who want to expand or locate in the Town of Bethlehem have access to a new, no-cost market research and intelligence online tool  with the launch of SizeUp Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Bethlehem Industrial Development Agency, is launching SizeUp Bethlehem, making powerful market research and business intelligence available to businesses to help them succeed in Bethlehem.

Bethlehem's local businesses, and new businesses considering Bethlehem as a place to locate or expand, can now access industry-specific and hyperlocal information to help them grow and make smart decisions using Big Data analysis. By using the website service, businesses are able to:

  1. Rank their business performance compared to industry competitors
  2. Discover potential customers, suppliers, and better understand their competitive landscape
  3. Optimize advertising to target ideal customer segments
  4. Create different scenarios for growth plans, hiring, sales, and other factors
  5. Learn about the town's competitive advantages for their industry

"SizeUp lets businesses learn about Bethlehem, and how we're connected to regional and even national suppliers and customers, all in one place. Whether you're a restaurant, a warehouse, or a manufacturer, you can compare wages, earnings, and sales, and locate nearby suppliers and customers to support your plans to grow or locate here. With the launch of SizeUp on the Bethlehem Chamber website, we are providing small and medium-sized businesses already in Bethlehem, or considering being here, with the type of research typically available only to site selectors or large corporations," said Victoria Storrs, chair of the Bethlehem IDA. "We are excited to be the first in the Capital District to have this tool."

Small and medium-sized businesses with fewer than 500 employees account for 99% of all businesses in the United States, and are a significant driver of job growth. Over the past decade, these small and medium-sized businesses have accounted for nearly 3 out of every 4 new jobs nationally, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"In addition, locally-owned businesses create a larger positive economic impact on the local economy because more money spent with them is re-spent locally. The Chamber is committed to helping our local businesses succeed," said Ellen Nesbitt, interim president of the Bethlehem Chamber. "They are the foundation of our local economy, employ our residents, create new jobs, and make our community a more prosperous place. Providing SizeUp Bethlehem on our website is another way in which we are partnering with our local businesses for their success."

SizeUp uses big data, cloud computing, and computer algorithms to deliver custom analysis for businesses based on their location. The data comes from hundreds of public and proprietary data sources covering firmographic, demographic, geographic, labor, wage, cost, consumer spending, transportation, and more.

This new service provided by the Bethlehem Chamber is completely free to local businesses and available anytime through the Chamber website at

The Bethlehem Industrial Development Agency (IDA), established in 1973, provides financial assistance to commercial and industrial projects in order to promote economic welfare and prosperity for the residents of the Town of Bethlehem. The IDA is responsible for the promotion, attraction and development of jobs and capital investment in Bethlehem. Through the vision and leadership of the town supervisor and the IDA Board, the IDA seeks to create a business-friendly climate that will attract development opportunities consistent with the character of the town.

About SizeUp, Inc.

SizeUp is a Fintech (Financial Technology) Internet service company dedicated to providing powerful business intelligence. SizeUp helps its clients better serve their small business customers by providing high-quality market research and business insights. SizeUp enables small businesses to make better decisions through big data. As a result of SizeUp's disruptive model of small business intelligence it has established itself as a leading Fintech company winning awards, being profiled in the media, and being invited to present at conferences around the world. SizeUp won the 1st Place award from the US Department of Commerce for a business app that helps American businesses be more competitive, improve their success, foster prosperity, and create more jobs.

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